Saturday, February 14, 2009

Off soul-searching… or off searching for a soul

I apologize for not posting or following people's blogs. Over the next week I will make an effort to look at posts for the past month or so. That said, I have thrown myself into the eye of the hurricane and have struggled to stay in the center, so give me a break!

At Carleton we measure time by the number of weeks that have gone by in the term, since there are only 10 to keep track of each trimester. So, here is the run-down:

Week 1: My roommate's girlfriend and her roommate have issues. I end up being stuck in the middle trying to resolve all their issues. Drains me.

Week 2: My roommate and his girlfriend have issues. Major issues. I end up comforting my roommate the whole weekend and then some. Drains whatever was left of me. I end up drinking more than I meant to at a party and making a decision I do not regret but that resulted in some decisions that I now regret (related to a boy).

Week 3: I get my first assignments back. Even after dropping a couple extracurriculars to focus on my amazing classes (because you get out of them what you put in), I am not getting as much out of my classes as I want to be. I get 4 parking tickets and a tow warning.

Week 4: My roommate and I have issues. Karma? But I've been so good! And I've already had my fair share of misfortunes these past few weeks… On the plus side I applied to the Teacher Licensure program.

Week 5: I start to lose it, but I pick myself back up and go on a super-power-trip of homework that ends in a 8-page letter/paper, in-class exam and take-home exam (10 pages, typed single-spaced) for the same class and a presentation and 7-page paper in one week.

Week 6: I get a small break from work, but I won't get another until Spring Break after my finals. I also have two interviews this week and one coming up in two weeks. On the plus side the work I did is starting to pay off. I also saw Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It is a great movie.

Hopefully when I get off this one-way train ride through the tunnel of insanity I will be able to post more consistently.


  1. Your life sounds crazy right now.

  2. nick and nora's infinite playlist is a truly amazing movie. i related considerably to nora.
    also week 5: DAmN.