Sunday, December 14, 2008

How I Lost My Blogging Virginity

It all began with a trip to Morris. Actually it began when I got back to STP from break and there were twenty-million things that I found out about my friends that were kind of shocking. Granted, sometimes they were about the summer and I have no real excuse for not knowing the summer drama. The reason most people (who I can't imagine stay in touch that much better than I do) know these things is either because they live in the cities or they blog about things and read blogs.

So I folded, and here I am. Actually this is exciting. Here's to keeping my commitment to blogging.

For the meat of my first post I will explain some Morris updates. Last night we got here and it was just starting to snow. Now it's like two feet of snow outside and 94 is closed. Needless to say Tasha and I are staying until Monday. Actually we wanted to go to a local place for breakfast and we walked 3 blocks in the blizzard only to see that it was closed- we should have known. It was frickin' cold. But we had a good night and we stayed up until 3 talking. Well, most of us did. I had only had 3 hours of sleep the night before (I stayed up until 5 knitting and got up at 8 to go tutor at Breakthrough). Today we napped most of the day after we made eggs and toast at 1 PM, and we just made some Chicken Shahi Korma for dinner along with a whole 2-lb bag of rice. So yummy! We've returned to the cuddle puddle where we stay warm in the blizzard and now I made a blog and it's pretty exciting.

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